Episode 12 – Better Systems

Kristen: Hi welcome back to upright and better the podcast where we talk about growing businesses up and to the right and up and better on this show. It's not just about scaling for scaling's sake it's about making organizations that deliver value to everyone involved. I'm your host, Kristen Gallagher. Kristen: I'm very excited [...]

Episode 11 – The Laws of Physics

In today's episode, Caleb Dean and I ponder if big business is breaking the laws of physics, what sustainable business really means, and so much more. Caleb is Founder and Managing Director of Owl, Fox & Dean. He and his team work at the intersection of organizational design, change management, and leadership development to help [...]

Episode 10 – Designing Businesses for Sustainability

On today's episode, Ciara Pressler joins us from her studio in Pregame HQ! Ciara is dedicated to discovering the best business ideas & practices through the advising she provides to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and creative professionals. She has managed marketing and communications initiatives for clients from startups to the best-known brands in the world. She [...]

Episode 9 – When You Don’t Fit the Model, Break It

Today's episode features Mara Zepeda, the co-founder and CEO of Switchboard, a founder of Business For a Better Portland and XXcelerate Fund. She also co-wrote the Zebra Manifesto which gave birth to the Zebras Unite movement and soon, the first DazzleCon. Don't miss this episode, especially if you don't buy into the "scale for scaling's sake" zeitgeist! [...]

Episode 8 – Visualize this: Your strategy, better

Today’s guest is Nitya Wakhlu, a personal friend and a professional collaborator of mine. Nitya is the founder at Drawbridge Innovations, where she specializes in using visual thinking and experiential learning to create whole-brain experiences that support group learning, innovation, and change. Nitya has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and an MBA focused on Human Resources [...]

Episode 6 – Experience is Everything

On Episode 6 of Up Right & Better, Emily Griffith, the Ambassador of Awesome at FINE, a brand agency for the digital age. Based in the Portland office, she works fast and goes creatively big, empowering people to create their best version of great, while maintaining grace under fire. Curating a bonafide Awesome office culture is [...]

Episode 5 – Don’t Compromise On Employee Experience

On Episode 5 of Up Right & Better, Jill Nelson, founder and CEO of business communications company Ruby Receptionists, shares with us her guiding principles for developing an employee-centric culture that in turn makes her company one of the most awarded in Portland! Kristen: Hi, welcome back to Up Right & Better, the podcast where we talk [...]